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Unrequited Love

Hot cup of coffee to warm my hands, as I watched him from my bedroom window I loved the sound of rain, the smell of dust withering away He looked happy, I could tell dimples never leaving his cheeks I painfully gulped down the coffee it tasted bitter, matching my emotions; that could be me!… Continue reading Unrequited Love

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The sun forcing its will against the worn out window net, old folks asleep, hoping not to face the wrath of the day. The dusty village drags itself awake on the whiff of cashew nut smoke Cock crows; and I, a dreamer, awake as a rumor of war, ready to set through my set goals… Continue reading Dreamer

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That Woman

Sitting on the swings watching unexpected instances Like raindrops on car windows and I will never not frown For the woman I have become A woman who always fades into the background in social gatherings Who is socially awkward that she couldn’t even carry a proper conversation in parties A woman who prefers to stay… Continue reading That Woman

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The Art Of Staying Positive| Spoken Word Poetry

We ought to stay positive Even when in the midst of darkness We need to make a concerted effort, To increase positivity in our life. Intentionally choose to experience positive emotions We can’t avoid negativity in our lives, obviously; But what matters is the ration of positive to negative emotions over time Afterall if we… Continue reading The Art Of Staying Positive| Spoken Word Poetry

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Dare to Dream BIG

Stop telling yourself the dreams you have are absurd. That desire to do something, to achieve something that seems so out of reach? God put that in you! Whenever you yearn for a more creative life, push your boundaries and get out of your comfort zone. You are in this world for a purpose so… Continue reading Dare to Dream BIG

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When Beauty Means Wearing Make-up

First, I need to address the fact that I do love makeup. I love the artistic expression behind the idea of makeup and how you can enhance beauty, play around with it to express yourself. The thing is I am just not good at it and I’m still waiting for the time I’m going to… Continue reading When Beauty Means Wearing Make-up

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What Really Happens When I Watch YouTube Videos

YouTube is one of the best man-made inventions ever. A platform where different individuals can showcase their talent, creativity, dumbness and at the same time inspire others to eat healthy, keep fit and believe in their dreams. I mean who wouldn't want to spend their time on YouTube eating popcorn while procrastinating all their activities… Continue reading What Really Happens When I Watch YouTube Videos

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What Black Panther Means To Me

I enjoy listening to christian music. It is not about the beats, tempo or music video... the message behind it is much important to me. It soothes me, gives me hope and makes me feel drawn closer to God and I enjoy that! How does Christian music have to do with Black panther you ask… Continue reading What Black Panther Means To Me

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Fear| Spoken Word Poetry

You are my worst nightmare. always by my side with a smile that gives me chills I don't want you in my head go away, fear! You say you're my only friend yet you mistreat me, emotionally drain me I wanted to do that; join the writing competition but you said I wasn't good enough… Continue reading Fear| Spoken Word Poetry

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An Open Letter To Someone Struggling With Anxiety

I have had my own set of struggles with anxiety. Phases where I just want to lay in bed and shut the world out. I wake up in the morning and all I want to do is cry because all I hoped and prayed for was to die. People suspecting you’re not okay and wanting… Continue reading An Open Letter To Someone Struggling With Anxiety