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Reasons Why I’m Single

Let me break it down to you guys. People say everything in life is a choice but I feel me being single is an exception. Cause in this situation the circumstances I’m faced with tie me up leaving me choiceless. Here are some of the reasons why I’m single:-

I’m mentally dating a celebrity
Yeees! I know He doesn’t know I exist blah blah but that doesn’t stop me from mentally flirting and dating Him.
What if Justin Bieber asks me out and I’m in a relationship with someone else. I don’t want to risk such an opportunity.

I have trust issues
I barely trust myself to trust myself. How do you expect me to trust some cute, hot guy sent from heaven to be in a relationship with me.

I’m not good at commitments
No seriously, I can barely commit myself to have lunch. Committing to a real person should be a huge task that I’m avoiding for the next decade.

I’m too picky
Ooh please! Stop judging me. Everyone commits this Sin. This is more like a “talent trait” we do it to others and forget we are not perfect too. Unlucky me, I’m short so I never get to use the “Sorry i don’t date guys shorter than me” line.

Many of my real crushes are Gay
I don’t get why this happens to me. I’m constantly falling for gay men. It’s so ridiculous
Should I just embrace the fact that
I’ll die single….or Nah!


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