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Situations Where People Need to Shut Up

Let’s be honest, most of us have been in a situation where we just need silence. But No !!! People around us never seem to get it even when some situations are pretty obvious.
I actually feel like common sense is not common. Common sense is rare. It’s like a teenage girl who doesn’t twerk. To help all my youngins’ out there I came up with situations where people should shut up :-

1.When I’m wearing headphone/Earphones
I don’t get why you’d want to talk to me when I’m wearing my headphones. It’s like a do not disturb sign why aren’t you respecting the sign. Like I’m sorry I’m not ready to play a charades game with you.

2.While getting a massage
This goes to the masseuse and the friend beside me whose getting a massage too. I’m here to relax, listen to the soothing music and maybe fall asleep. Stop distracting me with,”How was your day” questions and “Gossip rumors”. This is neither the right time nor place dear.

3.While watching a movie
Okay,this is annoying like I can’t even stand it. My friend and I decide to go watch a movie for the first time. My friend wants to question me on everything through the movie. Wait, was I in the directing team without my knowledge. If you are confused I’m watching the same movie for the first time just shut up or you’re going to lose your popcorn privileges.

4.While at the Dentist
Seriously,you insist on talking to me while drilling my teeth. I’m here looking like a construction site and you’re there like “How is school?” I’m not sure if that’s your way of trying to distract me from the pain but for someone with a degree you chose the wrong method.
Its high time people should learn to read the sign and just keep their mouth shut.

PS: I watched Lilly Singh’s video about situations in which people should shut up and decided to write about it, just thought it would be interesting.


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