Types Of Roommates.

Not long ago, i moved in with a not so close friend of mine. Its been a fun experience so far. But before we started living together i was a bit anxious… “What if we don’t get along?”
“What if things just don’t work out”
So i came up with possible types of roomates that could possibly get on my nervous:-

Prankster-These are the kind of roommates that are always upto something. You live in fear knowing anytime you will fall into their trap. Its either a slippery floor or a scare cam. I’m too young to die from a heart attack just let me be.

•Over Social-These fellas are like “celebs”. They are literally known by everyone in the neighbourhood. The house is always full of new faces that come over to visit or just hangout.

Noisemakers-Wow! Just the thought of these type of people drives me crazy. They can’t do anything quietly. How they talk and laugh, The loud bass of their music. They’re even noisy when sleeping (snoring and creaking bed). They just naturally freak me out.

The Clean Freaks-Before you start judging me i do love a clean environment. But leaving with a clean freak is a different story. When it comes to cleaning its a 24/7 thing to them. They are always on the lookout for germs. Leaving a single unwashed fork in the sink can result to chaos. Sorry its my house too stop making me feel like I’m in an episode of How Clean Is Your House.

I wonder what kind of roommate i am.
>> A good roommate may be the single most important thing to have when one is away at school<<


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