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What I Learn From Watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Recently, I came across a statement watching reality shows make you dumb. This caught my attention cause to be honest  KUWTK is my guilty pleasure.

I decided to tackle some online quizzes. Surprisingly enough I did good, Phew! I’m not dumb, yet! and here I am to prove that I do learn stuff from reality shows. On that note, here are the lessons I learn from KUWTK :-

Family Is the No. 1 Priority
Kim made it clear, “we are a ride or die kind of family.” This has been evident since season 1 (Shout out to my fellow KUWTK fans, we’ve come a long way) in spite of all the drama and hate that goes on, by the end of the day they pretend to stick up for each other.

Use Your Fame Opportunity Well
It doesn’t matter how your fame opportunity knocks on the door but when it does be smart. Open your eyes and grab all the possible opportunities that can make you RICH. I mean, look at how Dash Stores, Kardashian Kollection have grown. Don’t forget the books and commercials.

You Can Be Anything You Wanna Be At Any Age.
I learnt that with money and fame, I can look like Kris in my sixties. Forget the surgeries just be a momager and manipulate your kids. Wait,what!? That didn’t sound right!

Watching people do dumb stuff can either have a positive or negative impact in your life. Make your own life choices, not based on what you watch.



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