Things My Younger Self Should Have Known

Three years ago my life was extremely different from it is today. Everything that has happened has impacted on who I am and where I am. I have no regrets, YET and I have learnt there are useful things my younger self should have known:-

Go with your guts
Remember that big decision you were trying to make. Don’t ignore your intuition, sometimes your heart knows things you can’t explain.

Stay focused
There are people who will try to bring you down but stay true to your dream

Worry less
Don’t let the tough times define you. Learn to let go everything happens for a reason

God is in control
He knows what is best for you. Learn to Pray and trust Him

Surround yourself with positive people
People who understand your dreams,support and motivate should be your closest friends the rest just smile and wave at them coz they’ll just waste your time and spread negative vibes. Motivation is contagious.

Keep dreaming.


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