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Be On The Lookout

When I was young, most people dreams ranged from being a doctor, pilot or nurse to carpenter, teacher and so on. Times have changed, every “normal” beings’ dream is to be the next big thing.

We are in a century where most human beings want to be Celebrities. Yes, I said it celebri-ty. According to my urban dictionary, a celebrity is a person with fame and fortune prominence. People crave to have this title, you casually hangout with your girlfriends and all you talk about is the things to do to get noticed. Clearly ladies would do anything to become a trending topic on social media. I personally have a problem with that (but that’s none of my business though) the things done to ” break the internet” are not pleasing for heaven sake. I mean why make a sex tape or post nude pics in the name of getting famous when you can actually work hard on your real talent (forget balancing a champagne glass on your bum)  to achieve your goals.

Am I the only one who still thinks your body is the temple of God? You just can’t expose it for the wrong motives, that isn’t decent. Don’t even get me started with the “Keeping up with the latest fashion trend” I might be naive but enough with the lame excuses.

Be on the lookout, every time you think of doing something cool that will rise the chances of you being “famous” just take a step back and Think Twice, yeah literally…and ask yourself, will God be proud of me? Am I proud of myself? Because at the end of the day only You and God matter. I’m not perfect and I’m not a hater. I have no problem with people trying to be celebrities because I’m actually figuring out a plan of becoming one myself (Lol, as if)

My point is people shouldn’t lose their self-respect and dignity for celebrity titles…
It’s so cringeworth!!


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