Irritating Types Of Travelers

I literally want to punch myself in the face right now as I write this. My plan last weekend was to go on an 8 hr drive to visit my sister. Now that sounds sweet or whatever but the fact I was using public transport made my journey a lil’ different and I would like to share the some irritating things/people I encountered during my journey:-

People who play their music loud.
These people have the guts to play music on their phone and put it on loudspeaker. For heaven’s sake this is so ANNOYING…more so if the genre they’re playing is boring I mean can’t you just borrow earphones/headphones . I’m trying to enjoy the quietness here and you, like a boss you just plays your filthy music.
The eaters
These people are on an imaginary “eat as much as you can” competition lol. I don’t want to judge coz it might be a medical condition or journey stress reliever, you never know!
You board the bus they’re munching something. They’ll  constantly pull something out of their bags to eat every 15 minutes for the rest of the journey…like stop already, the bus smells nasty coz of your combo’s have some chill .
The Show Offs
Wouh..I still don’t get why you’d choose to travel on public transport for 8 good hours when (judging from your phone calls) you seem to have perfect classy options like jets, planes…lol
Firstly, I get you’re using the latest phone

“Baby, will you pick me up from the station? Which car will you come pick me up with? No babes, don’t bring the Ferrari I have way too much luggage….will you take me on a ride on your private jet?”

So I’m here like, ” I can’t take it no more!” Can she at least lower her voice to save some of us from question our existence??
Her phone is given a rest..then the laptop is out-two actually then an Ipad and encyclopedia follows…This woman is slaying but at the wrong place
Yap, As interesting as the journey was those are some of the irritating things I noted .


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