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Summer Is Almost Here

Its April 9th and I’m starting my countdown to Summer holiday. As usually I’m so excited, no school for about four months. My classmates and I were discussing how we hope to spend our summer. Then it hit me, my summer plans have been the same old “have fun, travel and do other cool stuff” for the past 4 consecutive years. But funny enough, I never get to do any of that stuff. I’m so hyped on the first three days just casually excited that its summer. Then the whining starts.

“Oh jeez! summer is boring. I miss my friends at school.

Technically, I spend 75% of my time on social media – my summer evolves around:-
twitter, instagram, youtube, tumblr,vine. One thing about investing your life on social media more so during summer…you question your existence so much. I’ll be on instagram scrolling through picture of people on vacation to France, Ibiza and other cool places and I’m in bed at cuddling with my kitty Gaga. Can I just get a life!!!

The other 15% of my time I am helping out with house chores then eating, drinking, sleeping, repeat. Just doing house errands which coming to think of it I fee keeps me grounded.

Down to 5% I can’t account how I use this but most probably it’s the only time I get to encourage myself to be strong to get through the four months.

So woohoo! who’s excited for summer as much as I am.

Keep Dreaming!!!


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