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Type Of Parents

A parent is an important figure in every child’s life. They’re our guardians, supporters and mean so much to us and our lives. Just as we already know, parents are also just human beings. A normal person with a full-time responsibility to take care of a kid. People are different and it so happens parents too can be different. I happen to be one of those “kids” who have a distant relationship with their parent – I call it loving each other from a distance. I came up with a list of different types of parents:-

1. The strict parents
Oooh Lord! These can make your life a living hell. They assume or rather want to mold miserable perfect kids. Their orders range from don’t be friend with so and so to no wearing this in my house,act good around EVERYONE.They literally don’t give you space to be Yourself. I recommend Osho’s book Freedom to all those super strict parents out there raising prisoners.

2. The cool parents
These are my dream parents like is that so much to ask for :(. These parents are typically older version of hippies with positive vibes everything about them is static (I don’t know what that means it just came into my head) not how they dress, how they run their errands, relate to their kid let alone how they punish their kids, its super cool and chill..c’mon you know what i mean!

3.The Luxury Provider
These parents acknowledge the fact they have kids but that’s so whatever to them all they do is provide necessities for their kids. They’ll do anything within their power to provide a luxurious life for their kids except give them attention most of them are the super busy parents always on business trips or just up to something.

So under which category does your parent fall in?

There are many ways to kill a rat. Different parents have different ways in bringing up their kids. We should learn to love our parents for all the hard work they put on us. Irrespective of where they fall under the above category they love us so much.

I Hope You Enjoyed 🙂


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