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Important Things They Should Have Taught Me In School

Being a senior must be one of the best feelings ever. Knowing that you have just a few months or days to be out of school nothing can beat that feeling.

But then you complete high school and walk into the real world, everything seems different. I’m still waiting for the day I’ll be asked to find x and y in the equation. I’ve always wished school system taught me what is essentially important in life. Not everyone can afford university/college tuition fee thus most people depend on the high school education to start their life but most time all you can do with the high school education is get a job at McDonald or do nothing at all.

Its been a tough journey for me. I spent 4 years in high school but still I have to figure out so much on my own. Apart from learning English (at least I can construct a sentence, I think ) everything else is irrelevant .

Maybe they should have taught me:-

  • How to write skits, film a video and edit for my YouTube channel. This would have saved my time and energy to research all that on my own.
  • How to do grocery shopping. This maybe common sense to most people but we are all different, remember! Things like, how to write a grocery list? Do you list what you need at the moment or what you’re expected to have? Okay my mom won’t tell me she thinks I’m being silly
  • How to save and bank money. This here is VERY crucial I don’t know why school system thought its important to learn about World War 1 but not teach me about saving and all about money, ironic huh!
  • How to make friends. The fact that I was in a boarding school yet I’m socially awkward makes me wonder what the school system maker would think about this if we ever met (who is this person anyway)
  • It’s the 21st century and I still don’t know how to wear MAKE UP. Is this normal? I can do the Integration and Differentiation calculation but I can’t do my own make up!! I’m just going to blame the school system for not including that in the syllabus.
  • How about elaborating the difference between color blocking and color clashing. When I wear purple pants and a pink crop top am I color blocking or color clashing. Maybe start a subject on that where we have color classes and do exams afterwards.

These people have got to cover real life problems. Who’s with me?


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