Types Of Texters.

I’m smiling so hard as I write this post because I feel I’m about to shade myself. I’m guilty of everything i write on this post and so are you dear. I’m sure almost everyone has used texts (this can either be imessage,whatsapp) to communicate.
You have to agree with me there are certain kind of texters that can be a little bit annoying. Here are some;

The slow texter
They take forever to reply to any text. Most times you literally forget you did text them coz they’d probably be replying 1hour later or worse, a day later.

The emoji texter
I love emoji but girl go slow on the emoji,you’re pissing me off right now.
So here is a typical conversation with an emoji texter:-

Me: Hi,are you okay?
Emoji texter: 🙂
Me: What are you doing?
Emoji texter:  💃👩👸💁💄

The one-word texter
So, these ones have no chill. They seem to be high on something everytime you text them.
You put effort and send them a whole paragraph expressing yourself and their reply is “okay” “k”. I wanna smack your face through your phone screen soooo bad.

The text-caller
I literally dont like these people. The only reason i texted you is to avoid this awkward situation i’m in right now. But Nooo!!! Instead of texting back, You call…stop it already!

The enthusiast
You can pretty much feel their energy through their texts.

Enthusiast:Hiiiii, halllloooooo:-) 🙂

So you leave me questioning my existance.

I Hope You Enjoyed 🙂


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