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Types Of People At Concerts

Let me start by confessing; I’ve never been to a concert—Never in my life!! Go on, judge me it’s not like I care anyway. My way of attending concerts or rather the knowledge I have about concert is mostly from:-

Watching concerts online.

Reading about them on blogs and social media.

So, that has helped me come up with a list of the types of people you’re likely to encounter at concerts.All you concert attenders should be able to relate to this.

The Violent dancer
They are more like Bruce lee wannabes.They are always on a what seems to be a break dancing contest with themselves. If you are not careful enough,trust me you may end up being punched unintentionally.

The Photographers
These are either documenting the concert on their i phones or camera .

SIDE NOTE: They are my Hero’s

And trust me, their gadgets will stay up for the entire duration of the show. They are willing to sacrifice their own viewing experience, and the experience of the real life people around him, all so the 12 people on you tube who will watch his video can relive the whole magical journey.

The Making out couple
Either the guy is behind her with his arms wrapped around her waist or standing next to her with his arm around her waist. They intermittently sway, and kiss, sway and kiss, sway and kiss, until you want to kill them.

The Loud talker
It’s usually just one person who is doing the talking…a drunk, dude bro with a backwards baseball hat. Occasionally it’s two people conversing with each other – somehow oblivious to all the people around them who are trying to listen to the music!

I Hope You Enjoyed 🙂


2 thoughts on “Types Of People At Concerts”

  1. Don’t forget the ‘megaphones’ – the loud one always screaming and shouting. Been to a K-pop concert and they were a lot of them. It was fun, nonetheless. haha 🙂

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