Three years ago, my best friend Lola started dating a mutual friend. I was so happy for them and excited to third wheel like a pro—going to the movies together, have epic sleepover. I have to admit, their relationship was annoyingly cute and i always dream t of having one like theirs.

I don’t want to brag or anything but when scandals arise between them I was their peace maker. This pretty much made me feel part of them. So last night Lola’s fiance’, Justin (sorry i had to skip the part where they secretly got engaged) decided its time to meet Lola’s parents to ask for their hand in marriage. Though nervous they were both excited for the experience.

As usual they asked me to tag along, I really wanted to but this hot dude from my class had asked me out. i love them ,you know! but I wasn’t ready to miss out on this special day with frank. Luckily they understood or so i think. The next day they dropped me off in town before they started their journey to the valley.

Thank God Frank was already there waiting to pick me up. I still don’t know how I would have managed to stand for more than five minutes in my stiletto. We were at this club having so much fun-eating ,dancing, having random conversation ..did I mention drinking Pepsi Lol. Frank is funny, charming,his dimples when he smiles..oops! I’m drooling 🙂

Suddenly I get a call from Lola, “Hi, wassup Lola,how are you guys enjoying yourselves?” I asked.

“Something bad came up. I..I’m in trouble?

Ooh ooh, I’m having goose bumps. Clearly this cannot be a road accident. Lola’s parents live 30 minutes away from town ,she cannot have waited for 2 hours to tell me about it. Wait, knowing how Lola can be hostile at times, she might have slapped Justin….or not. I can barely think straight right now.

Coming to think of it right now, this must be one of the lamest things I’ve ever done in my life. I made Frank drive me to Lola’s place. Hey,dont judge!! My best friend called me and she was crying on the phone, she wouldn’t tell me what was up with her.

We arrived, I stormed into Lola’s parents living room calling out her name. Trust me,you’d probably mistake me for one of those Latina housewives you see on reality shows ( no offense those people can really get dramatic when they lose it). Frank was right behind me, I actually think I heard him ask me to” calm down “…see I told you he is funny.

I walked up to Lola’s old room.She was on her bed,her palms buried in her face but you could see her red eyes soaked with tears.

” I just found out Justin and I are sorta related and it’s against our customs to get married (she went on and on explaining how they just found out their relation)”

OMG! this is not good at all.



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