Cancer: Behind The Scenes.

Hey there, Can we have a deep conversation about Cancer? Yes, cancer the deadly disease which most cancer related movies i’ve watched, reassure its not a big deal. Hair will fall off then you’ll probably die if you’re not lucky enough.
But there’s more too cancer than just watching rich families fight depression.
Yes,depression is a common thing, but what about the medical expense. What about cases where you undergo chemotherapy and it does work? Some people lose weight not because they don’t want to eat but they can’t because of sores in the throat and mouth.
Maybe its time we stop sugarcoating Cancer and let people think the worst that can happen is lose your hair.
I swear,alien related movies have prepared me well enough incase there is an alien apocalypse unlike cancer movies.
I just feel they give too little, comforting information. It all ranges from depressed – falling hair(at times) -amputation(sometimes)-death/survivor.
Why are there no in betweens? The inbetween help prepare families and patients for possible situations as there are different types of cancer.
Sometime last year my aunt was diagnosed with cancer (sorry, I forgot the name of her cancer ) . Its one of the rare kinds.
She’s a strong woman i must say. But within this period i learnt that cancer is no joke and only God can help you get through it.

I Hope You Enjoyed 🙂



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