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How To|Get Famous

It’s the 21st century, almost everyone wants to be someone who everyone across the world knows about. That’s my way of saying everyone wants to be FAMOUS. With the improvement in technology and introduction of smartphones social life has been simplified. Imagine, posting a 6 seconds video can make you recognizable once it goes viral and you become a trending topic.

So here is the good news fellas! For anyone who has tried to get famous yet their effort have been futile. Worry less child because I’m going to help you out. In case you are wondering why I’m being a sweet God-sent angel here’s the catch.

I’m just a low-key shady female who wants everyone to succeed in their pursue of fame so that i can increase my celebrity obsession circle ( I mean, I am tired of being obsessed with the same famous people everyday like my life desperately needs a bunch of new famous people). They say change is good,right?

So here we go guys:-

Apparently fame can slightly be relatable to Citizenship. You know how you can be a citizen of a country by birth, registration or marriage. Use this ideology and apply it in the fame world.

  • Strive hard to be born into a super rich family. The Paris Hilton kind of class where you automatically get famous. That’s easy right? There’s literally no straining here, all you have to do is be born into that kind of family.
  • Do you live in L.A or anywhere around these celebrities/famous people? Lucky you, you just earned yourself a bonus ticket into succeeding in the fame world .All you have to do is stalk a famous person, befriend them. NOTE: You don’t have to like them, just use them as a ladder to the top. Do you feel me homme?
  • This one is dedicated to all aspiring bloggers. You wanna be famous my dearest Munchkin, then just start a blog. Interfere and report celebrities whereabouts, make fun of them, put them down and criticize their day-to-day life choices. I promise I will support you till the day fame hits your way.
  • Here comes the crucial one. Find comfort in exposing your naked body, take sensual photos of your body and post them online. Ensure you have many social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat —you name them, and as time goes by make a sex tape and most importantly come up with tactics on how to market yourself.
  • Lastly, maybe you can actually be famous by using your talent, working hard and striving towards success. Who would have thought?


Fame is an illusive thing – here today, gone tomorrow. The fickle, shallow mob raises its heroes to the pinnacle of approval today and hurls them into oblivion tomorrow at the slightest whim; cheers today ,hisses tomorrow;utter forgetfulness in a few months. (HENRY MILLER)


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