Open Letter To My Future “to be” Boyfriend.

Ooh Hi there Mr. Lover boy!

I see you’ve got your eyes on me. I kinda like you too. Though I’m still trying to figure out what you see in this clumsy creature…like damn! Please explain this to me. Any who, here’s the catch baby boy.

I’m too old for relationship games.I don’t want to get into a relationship just for fun or anything so if you trying to play around , sorry you picked the wrong lady.

Another thing, I know my worth and I have my own principles so you have to understand me.I’m sure you have your own ” these are what I expect in my relationship.” LOL! One way or another this has to work out if we really are serious about each other,right?

So I came up with a list of things that i would like to share, too bad if reading this will probably change your mind:-

Communication is Key.

We have to learn to share and communicate like “mature people”.I’m not insinuating it will be easy—more so on the days we will be mad at each other.We have to learn to go around our differences and get to solutions…lets not waste our energy on negative emotions. Ooh and also i’ll bug you by calling and texting you just cos I’m obsessed with you.

Lame Party Person

Ooh and by now you should have realized I don’t go clubbing. Please don’t make me go partying coz you think it will be a fun experience for me,you’re tripping young man.

Don’t Go All Creepy On Me

First, I don’t take nude pics…so please for heaven sake don’t ever ask me to send you nude pics .I love you dude,but we shouldn’t go there…no one is certain about tomorrow bruh! I don’t want to see my little goodies floating on the net.. I’m not that girl.

PS: As we start dating,(hopefully) you might realize my love and attention is divided to three other dudes Lol :- God,my dad and my little bro mean a lot to me.Don’t worry though you are my other half. I promise to love and treasure you as long as you keep it real with and always respect me.


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