Types Of Crushes.


What is a crush? Who is a crush?
I’ve never heard anyone ask that. All I hear is my new crush this! My crush that!
Crushes are great and among the wonderful feelings of being alive. Crushes can weirdly be so random. I mean check up this list I came up with:-

Celebrity Crush
99% of every human has a celebrity crush. The remaining 1% never admits it publicly. This category pretty much sums up the fan girl tingles you get from the amazing movie stars, artist and all famous talented people. Yoh! Justin Bieber hit me up 🙂

Stranger Crush
Have you ever walked down the street minding your own business then BOOM! You see a heavenly creature .Everything gets blurry and you start planning your future together; wedding,kids you know just the usual. Before you know it; you know what brings you back to reality,the weird trip (stumbling over something minor)or loosing your voice when he magically says Hi (ha,this never gets old)

Internet Crush
We never miss to retweet ,double tap or favorite everything they post. We religiously follow them on every social media site. We stalk them and get depressed when they don’t post a thing.
Them posting blank white photo on Instagram means a lot. Hey Jaden smith you had sushi for dinner yesterday. (Does that ring any bell):)

Same Gender Crush
I was with one of my female friends the other day and she randomly said “If I was a man I would wife your sister she’s amazing .” I felt so grossed out but thinking of it I have to admit we all have those moments. I mean I would wife Lilly Singh or Beyonce . Don’t feel creepy about it, its just tough lust people!

Off Bound Crush
These ones can get quite something and can be embarrassing. You get an amazing feeling of nerves from your English teacher, cousin , best friend’s brother, family friend’s son. The good thing about this you can be lucky enough to talk to them or hangout with them as you die inside.

Did you like this post?!
Comment on any other type of crush you feel I didn’t include.
Till Next Time, Bye!!
Xoxo, Jade.


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