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The Perks Of Being Short


Hi my name is Jade and I’m 5′ 2″

The fact that I am short rarely bothers me, well apart from today when so many incidents made me realize how most people take being short way too serious. People beat themselves about their height. I mean considering height is the one thing cosmetologist or (whoever deals with discovering ways of reducing women insecurities ) are YET to come up with a CURE for (that sounds so wrong but, hey !). We’ve got to learn to embrace our height!

I know for sure how it feels being mistaken for a 12-year-old and never being taken serious for that matter. Having people rest their arms on your shoulder and worst not being able to see around when in a crowd. It can be hectic and annoying. But lets focus on the bright side:-

  • We can easily and swiftly penetrate in crowds. That’s pretty cool because most time people won’t even notice.
  • Did you know clothes in the kids section are slightly cheaper. C’mon there’s nothing to be embarrassed of if that’s where you can get your best fittings. You get to shop in the petite and kids section.
  • You know how ladies are always uncomfortable, for some reason dating a shorter guy . Well short shawty (that was funny in my head) relax, guys will always be taller well unless the dude you’re dating is a midget.
  • You love heels? You can rock stilettos without worrying about being a flag post.
  • Oooh and leg room is not an issue for you. No need to worry about your knees at all.

So chill shorty, focus on the positive side of being short. It’s a blessing and that applies to all heights 🙂

Did you like this post?! Comment below how tall /short you are and what you like about your height 🙂
Till Next Time,Bye!!!
Xoxo, Jade.


9 thoughts on “The Perks Of Being Short”

  1. I’m one of the tallest girls in my height, and I love my height because I find it easier to run in cross country with long legs😂 and I also just like people saying how much I’ve grown for some reason😂😷 I’m a proud giraffe ahaha

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