Born and raised in the glory days of our forefathers, life was bliss. Gloom was experienced in funerals, bloom would follow straight thereafter.How the world has changed. I hoped that time would roll back and a time machine would really work . That’s still hope, right? I am told faith moves mountains, i am still waiting because my faith has blown off the rooftop. I am trying to be an opportunist, I am told that’s bad…Really bad..but who cares nowadays, life has become basic, just like instinct.

Time flies…we should kill them. Doom would work ,but i am afraid that its effect wouldn’t last for long, after all …who still cares. You should because I do.

Funerals today turn out to be parties events, you wouldn’t want to miss them. Grab your ugly face and hit the road…yeah yeah people cry they do cry…some even fall, faint and go berserk. Yeah it happens. I don’t hold it against them, at the end of the day they are human beings. But given in a world that death is good , as in the economy feels good, it’s a party…I know I sound controversial but it’s true.

Lets face it the truth hurts. People dress to please for funerals today. They say we go with time; well, that ship sailed long ago. Heels, designer dresses, make up,perfume.It’s a sight, wow!! looks like the modelling agency dropped you at the wrong event.Gentlemen aren’t spared, they will come dressed casual and in shades plus jordans to show remorse.How I don’t fall for it though ,most people do anyway.

Then comes the interesting part, mourners from all walks of life come and help the bereaved family to mourn. Hmm! its really a catchy sight.

I am trying my best not to be disrespectful to the faithfully departed but they know the truth. It happens. It will happen one day to you and me. Lucky you that if worse comes to worst the whole neighbourhood will sing your name for a couple of days beside your grave. Fingers crossed though, company will be needed at your time of need that is before your next door mate introduces himself as a veteran of the world war war one. Just say hi! He won’t bite.

From dust to dust it really is,anyway we will know once we get there. Cheers mate!


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