Things I Learnt From San Andreas.

san andreas

Hello everyone,

I know I’m super late but I did it. Yes,I watched San Andreas this past week. C’mon don’t judge I’m pretty sure a number of you have not been able to watch the movie yet due to various personal reason. There is no shame in that, trust me I’m a huge Dwayne “ The rock” fan but hey I’m human.

I apologize in advance to anyone who hasn’t watched the film and is reading this post  “Spoiler alert” HAHA …No! No! I’m joking, don’t go please it’s not a review I promise.

Basically San Andreas centres an earthquake around California.A rescue-chopper pilot makes a dangerous journey with his ex-wife across the state in order to rescue his daughter. I must admit I did like the storyline and everything, though Some parts really got my attention and I kept putting myself in the characters shoes thinking what would I have done in that situation.

First I really don’t know why it had to be San Francisco. I mean, I’ve been planning to make a trip to San Francisco and now I’m really scared. Is the place really prone to having earthquakes? Someone educate me,please!

Anyhow here are some of the things that really challenged me:-

I need to learn how to swim

I have to put across the fact that I really like swimming, I’m not a good swimmer though.For a person who lives 20 minutes away from the beach I just should confess that water gives me chills…well apart from drinking water and bathing water.Sea water, pool water or water that flows at high force scares me.Surprisingly enough, I don’t have any “ almost drowned” record. So when the earthquake did that thing that made water flow at a high force with full bulge into the city(sorry I don’t know the scientific term for that).If it were me I wouldn’t try swimming or anything I would just die,Period.

Fitness Is Life

I do workout I used to work out! After watching San Andreas I am rethinking of getting in shape and by that i mean running and learning to jump hurdles. During an earthquake buildings are cracking and aimlessly falling apart. What to do? RUN! Do I have the energy? I don’t think so! I probably would have died not because a building fell on me or I fell into those cracks on the surface but because I was out of breath! Just the thought of running to save my life tires me! Starting my track lessons this week by the way…I’M SERIOUS!!!

Be nice to people.

This is a note to myself since the past week. It sounds super cliché from a person who walks on the streets fingers crossed hoping no one will talk to her, I Really don’t like small talks but hey I learnt that when you are nice to random people they might end up bailing you out of random situations.

Train Myself To Be Smart

Is this even a thing? Well i’m yet to find out. This Blake character was a triple threat:- pretty ,confident and Super smart. Now here is the thing i don’t know about her grades in school but i do know her smartness ( is there such a word)has nothing to do with school. Half the brave things she did were just things she learnt from her dad and common sense (something most people, me included don’t seem to have ).A girl her age i just would have given up when Plan A backfired but Noooo she was too smart,Plan B was somehow created !

Tomorrow Is Unpredictable

Unless you are a scientist, you don’t know about tomorrow. People in San Andreas woke up and had to face an earthquake, that was not in many people’s TO DO LIST. People died in that incident. Imagine all the people who have been putting their goals and dreams at hold waiting for tomorrow. Tomorrow is unpredictable but you have NOW.

Over To You…

Have you watched San Andreas? What did you learn from it ?

Till Next Time,Bye!!!




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