Weekend Activities For A Indoor Person.

Hey Everyone,

By the end of this post you should understand that being an indoor person doesn’t mean you are boring and have no fun activities to do.

Some people just like the comfort of staying in the house all day in their pajamas (or naked at times). On behalf of all aggressive indoor people, I will share some of the activities we enjoy doing when we’re in the house.

You can actually try some this weekend, If you don’t have “cool” outdoor activities to do.

Watch A Movie.

People call it Netflix and chill in the 21st century. On a normal day you just pick a movie of your choice and most times it’s a movie that premiered long ago but you haven’t beenable to watch it.

For rainy days a movie with coffee sounds right or ice cream for hot days.


Trying out new baking recipes is a fun indoor thing to do. It involves making new discoveries and eating,how can you not enjoy that?

Read a book.

No! Not your notes or any school/work related book. A exciting book is what you need. Sit, Relax and Enjoy the moment.


I rarely get a chance to publish post during weekdays because of school of course. What other way would you rather spend your weekend than sit with your laptop and catch up with the blogging world.


Sleeping is an activity, right? Who doesn’t like sleep? Laying in bed ,daydreaming should actually be a profession. I would definately be good at it.

Over To You…

Are you a indoor person?If yes, What are your weekend plans?

Till Next Time,Bye!!!


Jade J


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