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Why I’m Excited About October

Guess what!? Its October Already.

The tenth month of the year is here and I’m really glad september is over. I don’t really like september that much, I find it stressful maybe because it comes after 3 months of lazing around (summer holiday)

Anyway let me break it down to you why i’m over the heels for october:-

New Books


I specifically bought these books to bury myself into them ( that sounded cool in my head) this October. I’ll make sure I read them all and probably write a review. Anyone else whose read any of these books?

New Jewellery

jewel edit

I need an antidote that will cure my obsessive online shopping addiction. My AliExpress jewellery arrived on time for me to rock them this month.They are really pretty, don’t be fooled by the dull picture.

Scorpio Season


Incase you didn’t know, Scorpio season starts this month, and you know what I am; a Scorpio! Though my birthday doesn’t come till november 2.

HINT : You can start sending me gifts.



I never go to Halloween parties or any of those halloween cool stuff, but Halloween movies are the best.

Christmas Countdown

Christmas! christmas! everybody sing!!

Its 84 days to the most special holiday of the year. People celebrate the birth of Jesus, exchange gifts, lovely decorations !!!

Over To You…

What is the most exciting thing about October 2015?

Till Next Time,Bye!!!

xoxo, Jade J.


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