The Love/ Hate Tag.


Hey Everyone,

The lovely ISAYA nominated me for the Love/Hate tag. Thank you so much. Y’all need to go check her out.

*Clear throat* I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who were by my side through thick and thin. This has been an amazing journey. Haha! don’t judge me! My dreams are valid. Let’s do this.

The Rules

List 10 things that you love and 10 things hate ( hate is a strong word) dislike.

Tag 10 other bloggers to complete the tag.

Here are 10 things I love:-

  • Photography

You already know your girl here spends quality time taking photos ( not selfies). Photography is one of those things I’m not 100% good at but I will always be confident every time I’m with a camera capturing perfect moment.

  • Blogging

The timing has not been right at all. I may be inconsistence but blogging is something I really love and would really want to grow myself as a blogger.

  • YouTube Videos

Well, you can say i’m an addict. I really enjoy watching YouTube videos. It never gets tiring, you always want to see more.

  • Magazines

Is it weird that I obsess over magazines? I collect magazines, actually I would want to have my own magazines published for sure.

  • Ice cream

People say I’m boring cause vanilla is my favourite flavor. Ha! deal with it, people. I still dig ice cream so much. We could get married and I could be Mrs. Vanilla ice cream,sounds cool?

  • Hiking

My hiking routine has been a bit off of late, but I love going on hikes.The best part is going on hike then having a picnic afterwards. Who wants to go hiking?

  • Swimming

Yes,water gives me chill. Yes,my butterfly strokes look like ive been trapped in a cob web. But I love every moment of it and i’m determined to get better.

  • Family

I happen to have the most interesting parents that I love so much. My younger siblings make me happy and my other extended family members mould me. I love my family.

  • Myself

I really love me. Sometimes I make me mad but at the end of the day I only got me so I love me so much.

  • God

This may sound cliché but whatever. God is in control of my life and I love Him.

Here are the 10 things I hate:-

  • School

I’m sorry I cant sugar coat the fact I hate school with passion don’t get me wrong though, I like the education and knowledge impact I get,

  • Drama QueenS

*Sneezes* Excuse me! Can you stay away from me. I’m allergic to drama queens.

  • Horror Movies

Would someone please explain to me, how you entertain yourself by watching scary stuff. I don’t get it and I don’t like it!

  • Dishonest people

Just be real with me. Don’t sugarcoat anything to make me feel better.

  • Cooking

Maybe it’s because i’ve never been good at it. I always give 110% when it comes to cooking but as usual something has to go wrong.

  • Exam/Test/ Homework

Well, isn’t this obvious for a person who doesn’t like school.

  • Negative people

I do complain too but I have my boundaries. I don’t like people who have a negative perspective about everything in life. Stay away from me,its contagious.

  • Hype

I’m such an old soul, I promise. What normal kids my age are excited and hyped about,disgusts me! Sorry i’m not Sorry.

  • Discrimination

People who treat others differently because of their race, skin colour, level of education. Shame on you!

  • Crowds

I rarely go to parties. Let me rephrase that- haha! i’m never invited to parties. I hate crowds though they make me uncomfortable and always give me anxiety.

I Nominate these lovelies with amazing blogs and anyone else who reads this post,

Things Sarah Loves




Emotional Luggage


Over To You…

What are some of the things you love/ hate ?

Till Next Time,Bye!!!



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