Birthday Ideas For A Broke Person.

birthdayHey Everyone,

I can’t believe it, a few months ago I was writing my New year resolutions and now I’m thinking about my birthday (My birthday is on november 2nd) .Woohoo!!! Go Scorpio Season.

I’m so excited about my birthday but I’m literally too broke to do anything fancy.To be precise, I’m too broke that I can’t prioritize my needs. I don’t know whether I want money to buy a new phone, camera, house stuff , christmas presents, Halloween costume or my birthday.

Luckily I hold a record of weird ways to spend your birthday depending on the situation at hand. So this years theme is “PARTY LIKE A BROKE PERSON”. I came up with a few ideas and I’ll settle for one come November.

Tell me which of these sound a bit interesting:-

Picnic At The Park

I know I’m getting old but a day at the park with a few friends;munching on snacks, getting face paints and playing charades and game boards is not a bad idea ,right?

Pool Party

If you’ve read my posts before, you’ll understand my obsession with swimming.But considering the fact that I’m too broke I can’t host a pool party.Instead what I can do is ask a few friends to join me celebrate my birthday at the pool.Every individual incurs  their own pool entry fee.All I do is provide cake, snacks, drinks.Does it sound that bad?

Go To The Movies

My birthday will be on a Monday. I’m thinking I can use that as an excuse to keep it low-key.There is this offer every Monday where you buy movie tickets for 3 dollars;then you can watch one movie of your choice(depending on what’s screening on that day) plus they give you a packet of popcorn, coke ,nachos or hotdog.

I need to check what movies are being released on my birthday week.This can be a plan!

Treat Myself – Hangout Alone

I don’t know why every time I think about treating myself what comes in my mind is food and ice cream. I love spending time alone.The thing is I’m that person who reminds people about my birthday cause I want presents, yep! Presents get me excited.Maybe I shouldn’t’ t do that this year (though I kinda feel I already did by writing this post).

I could go hiking or just lock myself in my room and watch movies. (I wouldn’t mind btw)

Surprise Me

Here is an idea, anyone who reads this post can decide to throw me a “Not Surprise Party” haha! I mean, someone has got to make this girl feel special on her birthday,what do you think?

Over To You…

Which idea would you go for if you were broke?

Till Next Time,Bye!!!



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