Dare Not To Judge.

dare not to judgeHey everyone,

Most of us don’t realise how often we judge. We tend to judge others in areas we feel most vulnerable or not good enough. You might be wondering whether being a little judgey is always a bad thing.After all sometimes its really satisfying to point out that others are imperfect or screwing up. But judgment kills empathy.

It starts with showing compassion for ourselves.Only when we feel truly comfortable with our choices and embrace our imperfections,will we stop feeling the driving need to criticise others.


  • Be Mindful

Be awake of what you’re thinking ,feeling and saying and why.The next time you feel judgemental,stop and ask yourself what’s really going on here?

  • Change Your Inner Monologue

Dont always be hard on yourself. Remind yourself life happens,this helps you be more empathetic.

  • Make A Pact With A Friend Or Family

Declare a judgement free week and have your friend or family help monitor you in the process. Or even have a judgement free jar put a dollar every time you judge anyone.

Over To You…

How often do you judge people?

Till Next Time,Bye!!!



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