Q&AHey everyone,

I stumbled upon random question tags while surfing through the internet. So I decided to take up the challenge and have a Q&A session just for fun.Hopefully you get to learn more about me in the process. Lets do this. . .

Q1: If you could change your name to anything what would it be and why?

A1: I could probably change it to Namiko (Japanese for Child of Wave). Well, I love my name Patience, tbh. But i feel my parents weren’t creative enough. I was named after my grandmother.

Q2: What did you want to be when you were little?

A2: This isn’t funny. I always wanted to be a paparazzi, No lie!I always thought being a paparazzi was like a professional entertainment photo journalist or is it?

Q3: What’s your favourite thing to do when you are upset?

A3: Mostly cry, it makes me feel better.I also pray to get peace in my heart and then ice cream does the magic of cooling me down.

Q4: If you had one personal “selfish” wish, what would it be and why?

A4: Ha ha! This one is easy.To be the best and most talented photographer in the world till I die. Because I’ll get to do what I love and inspire many people plus I will not have to worry about being out-dated in a million years to come.

Q5: What did you do for your last birthday?

A5: My cousin took me on two-day vacation to one of my favourite resorts.We were there on Friday,Stayed on Saturday…swimming, three course buffet meals, nature, amazing photo sites, cultural events at night. It was epic! Best birthday ever yet!!

Q6: Favourite dessert?

A6: Definitely Ice cream.

Q7: If you were to go back in time and give your younger self advice what would it be?

A7: I’ll probably have a list of things I would want to let her know.But the most important things would be; It’s okay to be YOU. Be yourself always and those weird dreams and goals you have in life, Stick with them and work hard towards achieving them.

Q8: Would you rather have the superpower to read minds or superpower to be invisible?

A8: Hmmm! That’s a hard one. I really think I would enjoy the superpower to be invisible. I get to attend events, concerts, parties and sneak in and out of situations. That’s fun and fulfilling, right?

Over To You…

Share your answers on the comment section

Till Next Time,Bye!!!



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