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The Perks Of Being A Celebrity

I know I’m not the only one who sometimes wishes and hopes they had the a verified twitter account or any verified social media account.Apparently, It’s a huge deal nowadays!

Apart from their talents and hard work, here are some of the packages that come along once you become a celebrity:-

Special Treatment

These people are treated like gods and goddesses.They get special treatment wherever they go, they are the real MVP’s and VIP’s .


I always feel being famous generally means being richer.Well that’s before you get into drugs or employ an unskilled or corrupt accountant.


Celebrities have fans! Who wouldn’t want to have people like you and me – who look up to them with obsession? And with our level of poverty,spend money to buy them gifts to express our affection. LORD!!!


Unless you are dumb,you don’t get to see these opportunities that come along with being a celebrity. Endorsements and brand deals;all these opportunities arise. You can actually write a book and get it published without much hustle – Isn’t that interesting?

Over To You…

Would you want to be a celebrity?What opportunity would you want to grab as a celebrity?

Till Next Time,Bye!!!

xoxo, Jade J.


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