Things You Ought To Know Before Travelling To Your Dream Place.

Before TravelHey everyone,

So you got your flight scheduled. You have your terminal and flight numbers at your finger tips. Not so fast darling. Here are some important things you need to figure out or confirm first ;-

  • Hotel Information

With online booking nowadays things get messed up. Ensure you always have a back up plan and always write the address, telephone numbers and emails of the hotels. Not all taxi drivers know the hotels but give the address and they will get you there.

  • Directions

This will seriously save you time and money. Public transportation are cheaper and more fun than hailing a cab all the time. Research about how you can get from one place to another by bus, train or boat.

  • Entrance fees and tour prices

Just so you have an idea on how to budget your money. you can compare prices and see if you can get cheaper prices to tours and entrance fee.

  • Area guide

Most cities are big and have a lot to offer. Breakdown the areas and note the attraction places you can visit. it will help you plan out your days and make the most of your stay.

Over To You…

What are some of the important things you need before travelling?

Till Next Time,Bye!!!

xoxo, Jade.


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