I politely disagree with anyone who says to me, ” Patience, you are photogenic.”

I’m just a secretly hyped human who somehow knows how to pose to abrupt photos and sometimes selectively chooses what photos to show the world.

I am beautiful but there are times I feel less beautiful.I feel worthless and I feel the need to change who I am. The times I’m not confident to stand up for myself. Remember the time I forgot to wear earrings? YEAH THAT TIME! The time my hair was messy and shaggy and lets not forget the time I did a make up free photo-shoot.

What was I thinking! I was really excited about this photo-shoot. I wanted to do something different. Something simple and natural. My photographer asked me repeatedly if  I was sure about this. I was so confident that day! It felt like a freeing moment for me.

Then the photos were out( I asked them not to do any retouch or edits). I starred at the photos thinking to myself, this is how I look. This is me! This can’t be on a magazine or a billboard because I don’t look like a print model. I look so natural. This is the real face of me and the world should be seeing this.

With all the uncovered pimples. That’s you Patience! That’s your real face…

Basically what i’m trying to say is we all have insecurities. You have the choice to hide yours or confidently show the world that physical insecurities don’t define who you are as a person.

Its okay,we are all beautiful. Just look yourself straight into the eyes of your mirror, you’ll see it!








Over To You…

What is your biggest insecurity? What’s your opinion on insecurities?

Till Next Time,Bye!!!



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