Woohoo! Its November 2nd 2015, you know what that means?

Its mah birthday! Its mah birthday! Imma spend my money…

Go shwaty! Its your birthday…

Finally I turn a year older ! Let me be honest,I’m scared <_> I’m very scared to be precise,I don’t know what to expect,you know!

Any way today’s post won’t cover much about how I plan to spend my birthday . It’s more of a Q and A tag. I hope you enjoy my honesty;

Q1: What’s a weird habit of yours?

A1: Hmm! Let’s see I have this habit of always finding reasons to worry. Its annoying coz it makes me worried about something 24/7. Isn’t that weird?

Q2: What’s one of your nervous habits?

A2: Unknowingly biting my nails.

Q3: Do you have any weird body skills?

A3: Yeap! Apparently I can put my leg on the neck

Q4: What exclamation or phrase do you always say?

A4: Ha! SERIOUSLY. Depending on the intonation I use it to express different emotions

Q5: What song do you secretly love to listen to when you’re alone?

A5: Believe it or not, I blast to Isley brothers “BUSTED” or R.Kelly’s “TRAPPED IN THE CLOSET” series. Jeez! Its so fulfilling

Over To You…

Tell me something weird about yourself? (haha, why do I sound cheesy)

Till Next Time, Bye!!!

xoxo, Jade J.


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