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Don’t Be Famous- PLEASE!

A few days a ago I talked about the perks of being a celebrity. But we all know this package has its up and downs so I thought why not come clean and convince you not to purposely be famous (how ironic of me) I kind of feel like I’m writing one of those school tests where they ask you to list “Disadvantages of crop rotation” –ha-ha, I know creepy,right?

So without further a do let try explain what you get in the fame package;

No privacy

I mean I’m here trying to know what you’re doing on a daily basis via social media. So imagine people whose job and life includes documenting what celebs live their life ;for example paparazzi,Perez Hilton and people who work at TMZ

Constantly Judged

Everyone literally has a clear idea of how you should live your life.Need i say more?

Too many fake friends

Let’s be honest, if some person you barely liked became famous.Our attitude towards them change.Not that we like them now,we like their celebrity status.

Attract stalkers

So many creepers and weirdo’s out here trying to get a selfie with the celebrity next door.Stalkers everyone. Seriously can you let them live! LOL

Deprivation of normalness.

Being normal can be fulfilling.You won’t understand that till you get famous and you instantly cant enjoy doing things the average person does.the fact that you have to walk around with a body guard says it all

Over to you…
Do you think celebrity packages are worth striving for?
Till Next Time, Byee!
Xoxo, Jade 🙂


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