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October 2015 Favorites

It’s that time of the month where I ramble or brag in this case about some of my favorite things from October. I know I am late, I should have done this post by the end of October, but hey it’s here now.

October was quite a good month, I’m so grateful for that. Though school work kept piling on and on, I really had to concentrate a little bit and put blogging on hold I really hate when I have to do this. Anyway before I get out of content, let’s get on to my favourites!


Primark Beauty Eye shadow Palette
I’m not much of a beauty guru so definitely I can’t do an awesome review. But whaaaaat! The kit is flowery and colourful. It is so attractive and doesn’t cost that much (when a broke person tells you that, better believe) “2 pounds for a 10 eye shadow palette”. I love how it has a variety of shades and each individual eye shadow has a name, how cool is that. My favourite combo is [High Rise] and [Stormy Night] they create a perfect Smokey Eye Look


Maange Makeup Brushes
I never can’t do a full face make up on my own. I either concentrate on lips or eyes my boost features ha-ha kidding or not! My cousin got me these brushes and they turn out to be the best helpers ever. I really don’t know how much they cost but I’m sure they are affordable. A pack contains 5 brushes:-
Eyebrow mascara brush,Lip brush,2 Eyeliner brushes,Eye shadow brush.
There’s something about naming that excites me.Theses brushes too happen to have labels and that’s a plus for me.

Nail Decor
The colour is a pink and silver shade and I’ve been wearing it for a whole week now. I have to say it looks great and it stays on for long. It also for some reasons help your nail polish not to chip. The shade, the texture, the colours…you need to get yourself one of these!


Bake Sell Murder by Leslie Meier
I still don’t understand why they haven’t made a movie based on this novel. The storyline is amazing. And there are moments you get the, “OMG! CHILLS”. This was my first book to read by Leslie but I found out she has more than 10 novels she has written and all the titles of her books have MURDER, how interesting is that?


Over To You…

What’s was your favourite thing from October?

Till Next Time,Bye!!!

xoxo, Jade.


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