Birthday Treats.

Hey, so if you’ve read my posts before you’ll probably know my birthday was on 2nd November [last week on Monday] and a few weeks before, I rambled on birthday day ideas for a broke person. I want to share with you how the “special day” went and how I celebrated turning 22yo[wow, it’s still doesn’t make sense in my head]
Being in university, Mondays are hectic for me. I literally have classes from 7-9: 9-10: 10-1 :1-3. It can be draining but thank goodness I have no classes on Tuesday’s.
I woke up at 5:45 a.m, did my birthday ritual [no its not pancakes for breakfast]. I pray for myself thanking God for being with me all these years;write my birthday wish list and listen to a 5 minutes mixx of birthday songs [please feel free to judge, it’s soothing]
My mom was the first to text me the most beautiful message, and she sent me cash as a gift. I love gifts- the day went on by so quickly for a Monday, receiving calls and texts from my family most of them sending me cash- how lovely, I wasn’t expecting any money to be honest.
The day ended with me at a park with a colleague [She didn’t even know it was my birthday day]. We chilled, talked, ate some snacks and took lots of unclear photos [My camera and phone’s were off]  we used her phone’s camera which is 3 MegaPixel – hey at least we have memories.
I went to my dorm room later that night, and yes you guessed it right- I ended up choosing to treat myself and just hang out alone for my birthday. It was special- cookies, biscuits, cupcakes, lots of juice, soda and action and animation movies is how I chose to spend my birthday. It was lovely!   I’m so grateful.. 
As I said earlier my presents this year was mostly cash[ Now that I’m getting old should I expect getting more of that coz honesty I wouldn’t mind getting a Hannah Montana gift hamper or high-school musical themed curtains #justsaying]
Any who here are some of the things I got for my birthday :-

1. E.D.A Black Opal
Oil absorbing 3in1 powder. I’ll talk about this more when I get to use it [A review maybe]
2. A phone
I really love my Samsung phone but since I dropped it and it cracked, it has been hard for me to use. I’m glad I got a new one
3. A box of cookies
If you follow /stalk me on Twitter, you should understand my obsession for cookies. Well I got a box of fairyland the best chocolate chip cookies ever. I ate the whole box of cookies by myself and in a day
4. Lanolin Moisturizer
Definitely needed this. I was running out of Moisturizer and Lanolin is always my go to Moisturizer
5. Biscuits,Tortilla, Yogurt,Crisps
What can I say I love my snacks and having them on my birthday is a plus to having a great day.
6. Two home fresh tins
One with a yellow lid and the other with a light green lid. Still figuring out how I can use them

Over to you…
What’s the most exciting thing about your birthday? What is your birthday ritual?
Till next time, bye!
Patience, xoxo


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