Q and A Session


Hey everyone,
Yet again I’ve been off my blog for quite sometime. School! As usual… I’ve been studying for my exams which started yesterday and will end on 11th December. I can’t wait for this phase to be over, its so overwhelming!
During my free time i try to sketch posts for my blog- stay tuned December will be full of awesome post plus i have no excuse for not being consistent with blogging.
To be honest, i salute all University student bloggers who are able to get their blogs running consistently (y’all deserve a round of applause 👏)
Its not easy to balance school work /jobs and blogging. Though its kinda fun and interesting.
Anyway, lets get started. Today’s post is a QandA tag. I love QandA tags because in some way you guys reading this get to know personal stuff about me and that doesn’t creep me out at all and getting to answer some questions reminds me of how weird i am, isn’t that interesting:). I hope you enjoy!

Q1: Grab a book nearest you, turn to     page 23, what does line 17 say?
A1: The book nearest me is JUST LIKE ICE CREAM by LISSA HALLS JOHNSON. Page 23 line 17 says :The negative voice persisted. What if you get pregnant?

Q2: What do you think about most?
A2: Well apart from cookies and ice cream as usual. I think about my dreams and how i can make a step each day to achieve them

Q3: Who is your celebrity crush?
A3: I literally have a list of celebrity crushes but for now I’ll go with JUSTIN BIEBER because his album #Purpose is amazing and he has a tattoo of my name (Patience) on his neck. #justsaying no big deal at all:)💕

Q4: What is the last book you read?
A4: I’m currently reading JUST LIKE ICE CREAM. Stay tuned it will probably be on my November Favorites and i would recommend it to all teenagers

Q5: What is your astrological sign?
A5: I’m a SCORPIO!  Born on November 2nd. My birthday was a few weeks ago

Q6: Are you wearing socks right now?
A6: Yeap! I always wear socks in the house plus its very cold

Q7: How often do you listen to music?
A7: Very often. More like 24/7

Q8: Do you think someone has feelings for you?
A8: I’m not sure but there’s this guy, he’s a friend who flirts with me and I’m so uncomfortable around him nowadays

Q9: What are you paranoid about?
A9: Germs in the bathroom. I feel like these invisible creature are out to get me! 

Q10: What is the last lie you told?
A10: A friend texted me this morning and asked what I’m doing i told them I’m studying but in reality i was still in bed sleeping

Over to you…
Can i get answers to some of the questions i answered, let’s get to know each other☺
Till Next Time, Byee
XoXo, Patience


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