My Levels Of Awkwardness


I love myself and all but sometimes I really want to punch myself in the throat coz i get really awkward that I can feel my conscious cringe!
We all have those awkward moments, right? So here are a few levels of my Awkwardness, you are free to judge me;

-Socially Awkward
Being an antisocial human it makes me 10× worse when I have to interact with new people. You think you can’t talk to new people?  You have got to meet me. My conversations are always something like this:
Person: Hey I like your shirt
Me: *Over thinks of something nice and cool to say* Do you want it, i can lend you
Yes, I’m that person

-Awkward sitter
One of the reasons i find comfort in my jeans and trousers,is i don’t know how to sit like a normal person should. I either slide my legs forward and have my butt at the edge of the chair or my legs are in the air or my knees in that chair. Tell me, can you compete with that?

-Awkward Eater
My cousin says I eat like  mouse, I don’t know about you but i feel like that’s the cutest compliment ever. Basically, when I’m hungry just try not to watch me eat. I’m trying to enjoy my food here not be in one of those food TV Commercials

Over To You…
What do you think is the most awkward thing about you or anything that you do? Till Next Time, Bye!!!
XOXO, Patience.


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