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November 2015 Favorites

November! November! November!

Wow, I can’t keep up with how fast the days are moving. I just celebrated my birthday like two weeks ago and now its all over. Its okay though, because we’re now about to get to the holiday month, that can never go wrong. November was a super busy month: my birthday, lots of assessment test, homework level was at its peak and preparation for my end of semester exam.


In spite of not being able to account for any amazing thing I’ve done for myself this month, I’m so grateful for the little awesome things that have been my favourite this November and here are some of them;


Homemade Hair Coconut Oil


I won’t lie, it has a strong coconut smell that was irritating at first but I think I have gotten used to it

Hair Products


I didn’t do much of braiding this month. Normally my hair is messy or braided or messed up braids. This time round I left my hair open and took very good care of it. Thanks to my beauty formulas shampoo and conditioner, dark and lovely moisturizer and of course coconut oil and my pretty hair bands

Just Like Ice Cream by Lissa Halls


I try reading a new book every month this month’s reads is Just Like Ice Cream by Lissa. I’ve come to learn there are so many underrated books/authors out there. People who write inspirational books but not so many people read them because they are not known in the “celebrity circle” I recommend this book to all teenagers out there this book will educate you on the struggles we all face RELATIONSHIPS and SEX. Get your copy girly

Nail Polish



I have this bad habit of unknowingly biting my nails, i know its disgusting! What i do when it bothers me i make my nails look pretty, who wants to chew on cute, pretty nails? Not me, obviously!
Thanks to Luron Nail Polish Colourless Topcoat and Maybelline (New York) Colour Show (Blazing Blue)
Their texture is nice and smooth and they don’t live any bumps when they dry plus it doesn’t chip out quickly

Orange bag


I was casually walking down the streets when i spotted this bag. It was love at first sight plus it didn’t cost much. I love how bright the colour is and its convenient enough for my casual errands, everything fits perfectly

Over to you… ☺
How did November treat you? What are your November Favourites ?
Till Next Time, Bye!!!
XOXO, Jade.


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