Types Of Texters -Part 2

A few months ago, I wrote a post on Types of texters. Basically this is just an extended version of me roasting myself and an apology to all the people I’ve texted and never texted back. And to that, I’m so sorry.

1) The ‘IGNORER’ Texter:
This person commonly just sits there and looks at their phone like; uh huh, okay, they texted me asking how I was, but they aren’t tryin’ to give me money? Why would I talk to them?
I am this person to literally everyone!

2) The Many Messages Texter:
This person send 1 million text messages to send a message saying ‘Hi! How are you?’ Because they literally text like this:
And when they manage to send a message in one text, autocorrect messes them up and they literally text like this:
Hey, how are you? I’m hood.
Ugh! Gah! Good**
Stupid autocorrect!
Like dude turn autocorrect off then you You would be good!

3) The Autocorrect Texter:
Let me break it down to you, Autocorrect is out of a job with this person. They text like this:
Hy! Haw r u? Im g00d!!1 i th1nk mi m0m w4ntz t0 hut mi!
And I end up wanting to through a dictionary at their face! Like you need to turn autocorrect on, how can’t you see that!?

Over To You…
Are you an annoying texter? Which category do you fall in?
Till Next Time, Bye!!!
XOXO, Patience.


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