Why I’m Excited About December


December is here people. Who isn’t excited about December, i mean it’s the last month of the year and pretty much the festive holiday begins. There are many reasons why we love December, here are some of my reasons as to why I’m Excited about December :

1) School Closes
Yeeeiy, I’ll be out of school for quite sometime maybe 4 weeks! That means the world to me I’m so excited about that

2) End of year Road trip
My cousin and i are the best road trip buddies i guess, well apart from the fact that she drives to and fro and i always sleep on our return journey but hey I’m so excited that we get to listen to Lionel Richie albums and sing along to Isley Brothers Music. Ha! I can’t wait for 12th December

3) Christmas Shopping
My family always shops last minute for Christmas, like its one of those unwritten and unspoken rituals which turned out to be disasters, who wouldn’t want that for sure? Because i know the chaos excite me

4)Buying Gifts
Its always exciting isn’t it? I apologize in advice to my family and friends, this year my gifts might suck let’s talk about recycling gifts but i still love you all, always keep that in mind

5)Christmas Movies
We can’t be friends if you don’t like Christmas music. Honestly, who are you? Sitting on the couch with the whole family with popcorns watching movies is something I’m looking forward to

6) Christmas
The main event, you know Jesus’s birthday. It a special event and I’m happy its in December

7) Gifts
Okay now we’re talking. I love gifts and December (apart from your birthday) happens to be the only time you can randomly expect presents from your loved ones

8)Christmas Music, Decorations and Offers
Ooh Lord! Why does Christmas only have to come once a year? Can’t it be a monthly event
I just love December okay! So many exciting things happen and its all about family, friends, food, spreading love. I also get to go to my hometown with my parents and siblings (i haven’t been with them since last year on Christmas)
Cheer up people,
The festive holiday season is here☺

Over to you…
What are you most excited about December?
Till Next Time, Bye!!!
XOXO, Jade J


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