My Gross Beauty Habits


I’ve been trying to up my girly and beauty game this year. Its been a journey I must admit, an interesting one to be precise. I’ve had my good days and days, well let’s just call them raccoon days.
Its a learning experience altogether. All I ever cared about before was moisturizer, nail polish and eyeliner and deodorant then I fell in love with this whole beauty world ,now I keep buying beauty products and I always want to try something new with my hair, face and everything – I’m obsessed, can you tell?
I guess all I’m trying to say “beauty” is the best scary experience a woman [yes, I just referred to myself as a woman and it feels damn good] can discover – well apart from discovering oneself of course.
Through all this there are a few habits I noted that I really need to work on, quick… I literally need to work on them real quick. Here are some of them ;

-Not taking off make up at night
I rarely wear make up but when I do I either forget to take it off or when I do remember I’m lazy it feels like so much work

-Terrible habit of biting the skin of my lips
Maybe I’m just obsessed with my lips – or not!? Apparently one is supposed to scrub off the skin of the lips, how was I to know that??

-Picking at my Nail Polish
To be honest, I do this knowingly most of the time when I’m nervous or uncomfortable but still can’t stop myself thus leaving my nails chipped, way to go Patience!!

Biting my nails
Its not like they’re tasteful or anything but that’s one of the gross things I do, like can somebody make it stop already??

-Applying too much oil to my hair
I don’t even know why I do this It ends up leaving my hair greasy – and its not the good greasy for a person with natural hair. I also leave patches of oil on my pillow or any where I lean on
I know, I’m sorry beauty guru I’m too gross! I promise I’m working on getting better…

Over to you…
What are the most gross beauty habits you think you need to work on?
Till Next Time, Bye!!!
XOXO, Patience


2 thoughts on “My Gross Beauty Habits

  1. Girl!! I hear ya! Once the world of make up gets you, that is a point of no return! For me, it is certainly taking off make up. I usually do it before a big night with family, friends or weddings & by the time I get back, I am so exhausted, the taking off make up is usually the last thing on my mind.

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