Who Started This Exams System!?

Someone please remind me why I joined University because I feel I’m at a point in my life where I can easily quit. Whoever Started the exam system, I hope you burn in hell.
Okay, please have a seat and let me break it down to you. Ooh, and grab some tissue just in case!
My exams timetable was out on the first week of November, normally we do exams in a span of two weeks but this time around it was three weeks and I was like okay, I can manage this and at least they’re giving me more time in between exams to study.
I’ve been literally working way too hard (yeah, i know that’s how it should be) but then they changed the exam dates!
Initially, my exams were to end on 4th,then they changed it to 7th and now its 14th. 14th of December!!!
I just lost morale to study. Its way too hard to focus,my mind just switched off! I knew I was doing my last exam tomorrow so obviously I made a list of plans to do after but Nooooooooooo!!! Now i have to “study”
I’m sorry if this post doesn’t make sense, I’m pissed and disappointed. I just want to start my December Holiday and I can’t do that if they keep changing dates…
Okay I guess I’m done!
Time to work on this Negative energy ☺


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