Homemade Natural Hair Treatment

Today I decided to have a little fun with my hair!
Last year I cut my hair,piece of advice ;never go to the salon with no idea on what you want to do with your hair.
I used to have permed hair for the longest time. So I decided when it grows back,I’ll just grow it natural.
It’s been an interesting journey, I came to realise I’ve never really paid much attention to my hair, well apart from the basic wash,blow dry and braiding.
Okay less talking back to today’s post. I really don’t have the best hair type, its brown and dry so that make me struggle 20× more to keep it healthy and soft .
Today I tried out a natural home made hair treatment, and thought why not share it with y’all, coz you know I always got your backs ☺. Its simple just try it out;

What you’ll need

1. Avocado
2. Eggs
3. An empty bowl

Note: The number of avocado and eggs you’ll need depends on the amount of hair you have .For me 1 egg and half and avocado was enough




1. Cut the avocado into two.

imageI almost decided to eat this avocado . It looked delicious!
I almost decided to eat this avocado . It looked delicious!

2. Break the egg into the bowl


3. Mix the avocado and the egg into the bowl


4. Then you smash them


Note: If possible you can just blend them. It’s easier ,fast plus it doesn’t live any Avocado particles everything is smashed

5.After smashing them apply the mixture on your hair



6. Ensure you massage the mixture into your scalp and every inch of your hair. Then wear a shower cap and wait for 5-10 minutes.
Then wash it off before using your shampoo and conditioner for the last bit of washing and moisturizing


Yeah,I guess


it; after washing personally I dry it off with a towel and oil it while its a little bit wet and because I avoid using heat to dry my hair (blow drying) ,I make sluggish embarrassing twists.

Over To You…
Have you ever tried any homemade treatment s? Mind sharing any treatment products?
Till Next Time,Bye!!!
XOXO, Jade☺


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