My Relationship Expectations ❤

I spent half the day watching Boyfriend tags video’s on YouTube and stalking cute couples on Tumblr and Instagram.
Basically, that’s the story of my life! As far as I know I’ve only been in one relationship ever in my life,we dated for a few months then their was less communication, long distance ishht. Aaaah! Enough of the memories already!!!
Back to today’s agenda,I asked my cousin if she would do couples yoga with me and she was like “dudette! Just get a boyfriend already”
I still feel I’m immature to have a boyfriend because every time I think of why I would want a boyfriend its always for reasons like:-

1.) To do couple’s yoga
I enjoy doing yoga but I’m terrible at it and I think it would be weirdly fun to do all those yoga stunts with my boyfriend.

2.) To wear matching clothes
How amazing would we look in our denim jackets *sighs*

3.) Cuddling
I L.O.V.E cuddling !!! Like Jeeeeeeeez !!!
I’m sorry future boyfriend, we’ve got to cuddle like crazy…

4.) Boyfriend Tag
Uuuuh! I’m not even a you tuber or anything but dude,we gonna make boyfriend tag videos like our life depends on it

5.) Social Media Love
I wanna post cute Snapchats, instagram photos and twitter messages of us so that some weird freak like me may get jealous.

Okay! Now that I listed just a few of those reasons, I feel really weird and immature.
Would I take what I said back? Probably not!
The fact that I still read romantic novels doesn’t help at all. I’m a hopeless romantic hand’s down!!!
We all just have weird relationships expectations and fantasies, right? Right? Right? Please tell me I’m not the only freak 😦

Over To You…
Do you have any weird relationships expectations and fantasies? If you are in a relationship what tradition do you have with your significant other?
Till Next Time,Bye!!!
XOXO, Patience.


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