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Happy New Year – 2016

Well hello there beautiful people! Happy New Year!!! Did you miss me? I sure did miss being on here, its been forever you know!
Sorry, I gave myself a break without giving y’all a notice. I’m genuinely sorry. It all happened when I travelled back to my hometown. I hadn’t seen my family since January so I decided to take a break and enjoy being around them cause I’ll probably see them again in December 2016, well it was worth it!
Anyway, my break is over! I travelled back to my aunt’s place yesterday… So here’s the thing, I kinda live with my aunt because of school and work and everything. My hometown where my family is, is an 8 hour drive via bus. Long story short I’m back 🙂
I keep forgetting its a new year, so every time I meet someone and they’re like “Happy New Year” I give them the “What are you talking about” stare before it dawns in my mind we are actually in 2016.
My blog anniversary is coming on, January 19th to be specific. I’m excited cause its a sweet reminder that I’ve been doing something productive for a year. I hope to be consistent in blogging this 2016.
Anyway, all I wanted to say is hallo (ha! Adele’s song came in mind) I hope you enjoy my 2016 posts. I’m looking forward to making new blogger friends this year and learn so much through your blogs.
Umm! I guess that’s it for now 🙂

Thank you for reading.


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