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Thank You 2015!

imageOooh Damn!!! Honestly 2015 went by so fast, well except when I was doing my end of semester exams. Just like the past years, I have had my ups and downs. Time’s I locked myself in my room and cried because I was at the verge of giving up and times I never understood why I ever have low moments in life, lets not forget the positive energy times that kept me on my toes

The struggle was real, people!
I would like to acknowledge the moments in my life that i will always remember about 2015

Starting a blog

January 19th 2015 was the day I came out of my comfort zone and started this blog. Bloganniversarry coming soon, Its been an inconsistent journey here but I’m having the best time of my life every time I’m blogging


I’ve always loved print/commercial modelling, well being 5’2 doesn’t give you much options in modelling apart from print,commercial and the fact that I don’t have pretty feet or hands I’m stuck with print and commercial somehow. Any way, this year I was able to book and do photoshoots to create my portfolio, its been a fun experience


Never in my life did I see myself sit in an office doing a 8-5p.m job…that’s not even among any of my wildest dreams –lol Taylor swift lover alert- I worked my a** off to find an internship during summer holiday. I’m proud of myself if I must say


My passion for photography comes along way since childhood, but the urge to get better and even take more professional photos started a year ago I’m so thankful for 2015, I got to take a huge step and handle 3 events (not as the main photographer of the event) and I’m glad I got positive remarks from all the clients hopefully in 2016 I get to venture more into different niche so that I can know what I really want to specialise on

Attending events

I’m a freaking indoor obsessed loner who will rather spend my day watching old classic movies than go hangout with friends (I’ve got to work on this behaviour) but 2015 was a good start for trying to start meeting up with people – I didn’t lie and give excuses that much when people asked me to attend events I did and I hope to attend more events in 2016, it might actually help in my photography pursue

Over To You…
What was your greatest moment in 2015?
Till Next Time, Bye!!!
XoXo, Jade ☺


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