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December 2015 Favourites

It took me a few minutes to decides what exactly to include in my December favourites, my Christmas presents! Should they be part of my December favourites? Should I include any of them? That will make me have an unusual long list,right?
Because trust me, this December I was blessed [well, apart from the fact that I was pretty awkwardly sick since I went back to my hometown]

Any way,back to the post,Its that time of the month where I pretty much show off all the stuff I enjoyed owning this December. This is one of the things I look forward to every end month on my blog,so lets get to it

Anti bacterial hand gel



I’m obsessed with this gel to be honest,my cousin gave this to me cause she thought it looked so glittery and teenager-ish. Ha-ha! Now that I thought that loud,I’m questioning my age..It has an orchard frost scent and comes with a pocketbac. It has this cool feel when you rub it on your palms,no glitters [but i cant tell my cousin she might want it back] plus it only cost $0.50 that’s affordable,right?

Himalaya herbals lip balm


I don’t like leaving my lips dry cause I tend to bite off the skin on my lips.. thanks to Himalaya lip balm it contains wheat germ oil and carrot seed oil that has nourished the lips and prevents my lips from drying and my lips are super soft. I just love the fact that this lip balm has been faithful to my lips,you know.

Blue Magic Organic [Herbal Hair and Scalp conditioner]



The struggle of having natural black hair is endless, thanks to this product indian hemp that is made with green tea leaves,jojoba,aloe and safflower my hair feels smooth yet not too oily

Pink Lace Jacket


Definitely ,my top favourite jacket ever,what else can I say about it apart from the fact I really like it and it only cost about $3

Royal collection India


Indian trips are never easy for my aunt’s family [a long story for another day] one of the gifts I got from the Indian vacation my cousins were on[ in case, you’ve noticed I talk about my cousin a lot in my blog is cause I leave with them,i’m only in my hometown with my family and siblings during holidays]

anyway,I can barely tell apart which shoe belongs to the left or the right foot but they are so comfy and Indian,I love them

well, that pretty much sums up my December favourites

Ps: I wrote this post in December, but didn’t get time to upload it earlier.

Over To You…
What are your December Favorite’s?
Till Next Time,Bye!!!
Xoxo, Jade☺


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