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One Year Blog Anniversary


Ooh wow! This is exciting…
One year of blogging. It really feels good.
Sometime last year today, I uploaded my first post on WordPress.
What was I thinking? I don’t know honestly !!!
Blogging is something I’ve always wanted to venture into. I’ve had a passion in writing since I was young.
People encouraged me to try blogging but I kept brushing them off and my replies ranged from either , “I’m not ready” or “That’s not my thing”
I’m so grateful for making the decision of starting FODREAMY last year, I realised,one can never be prepared enough or ready to start something. You just need to START NOW! Because trust me One year later and still I wouldn’t be ready.
I’m glad,I chose to start this entertaining journey because I enjoy every bit of it. I just hope the challenges I face that hinder me from blogging consistently,will be sorted out soon – hopefully.
A huge Thank You to all my lovely followers, fellow bloggers and all my readers . You may not know this but you play a huge role in motivating me to stay sane in this blogging world!
Happy one year anniversary Fodreamy, Cheers!

Xoxo, Jade☺


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