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Ankara Laptop Clutch Bag

Sometimes I think of getting a shock absorber bag for my laptop because of the number of times I mishandled my laptop.
My laptop could literally win an award for the most patient non-living creature ever.

And for the number of times it accidentally slides from my bed yet will neither crack nor stop functioning, I decided to award my beautiful ACER.


Yeap,you guessed it right I finally got an Ankara Laptop Clutch Bag and I have no regrets at all…so far!
Its affordable, just for $7 you get a piece of this lovely bag and it comes in all sizes. My laptop is about 15 inches but I decided to have a bag that’s slightly bigger so that I can fit my earphones and squeeze my charged in too.


The variety of designs is super fresh that you get to choose from a wider range. Plus its thick and spongy,no harm can be caused when your laptop is in the bag and it falls off.


I recommended y’all to get this Ankara Laptop Bags, you’ll never regret 🙂






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