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Let’s Keep Fit Together

Most people assume I don’t work out!
Well, that might be true actually because I can’t remember the last time I did any physical activity to keep fit.
I’m a strong belieber believer in ensuring that my body is fit…huh! Take it from someone who loves junk food – the irony,I know *smh*
Anyway, for me, its never about losing weight or getting a flat tummy. It more about being active and alert plus it helps me get clarity and peace in my mind. There’s always this fulfillment I get every time I workout, I’m I making sense? I really don’t know how to put it but working out is amazing ☺
Today, I told my cousin ( who BTW attends the same University as me) I plan to join the school gym as of tomorrow (Monday) and she was like,” Don’t you know the gym was closed because its under renovation?” (Haha, that’s enough evidence for my latest unfit lifestyle).
I’m still a bit disappointed,so I had to think of what else I could do to keep me physical active .Most people recommended me to just do planks, skipping rope and push ups from the house but the thing is,it never works for me… 10 pushups and I’m like I need to wash utensils or should I cook supper first? Omg! I need to change my bedsheets or I spend an hour searching for inspirational workout music…haha, don’t blame me I just get distracted easily.
So I came up with a few activities I actually enjoy doing that I could substitute for not being able to go to the gym:-

1. Swimming
I remember I used to go swimming every Saturday morning. Aaaah! Good times, well that was in 2014!!!. I’m not really that good at it but an hour of swimming is good exercise, right?

2. Hiking
OMG! I really like going on hikes. The last hike I went, was a group of 6 people it was enjoyable and the whole week my body reminded me of how the hike was “amazing”. That happened in 2014!

3. Walking
Hmm! Running isn’t something I would do by choice. It kills me for sure, so I mostly do 10 kilometre walks.

4. Basketball
I used to play basketball ball in Highschool. One of the things most people don’t actually know. I still can dribble and do all that- Maybe, I think! Cause,well you know 2014, was when I did it last! A 30mins one on one session would make my heart beat race rapidly and I would sweat like a pig,right? Then that can count as exercise I hope!

Coming to think of it 2014 was a productive year for me, Maybe I can make 2016 better by starting small with these minor physical activities, do you think so too?

Over To You…
Any exercises or physical activities you’d recommend?
Till Next Time,Bye!!!
XoXo, Jade ☺


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