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Why I Get Jealous On Valentines Day

February 14th 2016!


Cheers people! To another Valentines day of being single…

I’ve been through this so many times so it’s not really a big deal. This year I won’t bother reading posts or watch videos on how to cope up “being single on valentine’s day.”
These post are encouraging but let me be real people! Enough with the “its okay to be single” “love yourself” crap ( It’s not really crap but let’s assume it is for the sake of today’s post on valentine’s day shenanigans)

I walk around in town on Valentines day seeing couples hold hands, couples expressing love on social media, friends taking out their partners, colleagues bragging on what their lovers did for them on valentines.

Honestly, I get jealous! Yeah! Sue me! I do get jealous and sometimes wish I was in their place. Buying myself a card and flowers ( I’m not a flower person BTW ) is not enough. No amount of pizza, cookies and ice cream can fill the emptiness of wanting to “have a valentine.” I’m just being real here!

I came up with a list of the things people with “valentines” do for each other that make me jealous or envious, whichever suits:-

1. One Week Vacation
I can’t imagine how amazing it feels when your other half gives you tickets as a valentine gift to go on a one week vacation to Paris, Dubai, Prague or Greece. I mean…..

2. Special ” Worthy” Gifts
No offense, but buying someone 1000 roses is so useless (I’m sorry I can’t find a better word that is less mean). Maybe it’s because I’m not a flower person but those flowers don’t stay for long and they’re expensive,right? But I do envy people who receive a bag of Tortilla chips, nachos, a bicycle, a car Or even just do the house shopping lol, can we swap life’s?

3. A homemade meal
When they decide to change things a little bit, instead of the usual fancy restaurant date your partner prepares a homemade lasagna or pizza or anything. Doesn’t matter if it backfires lol the effort is what matters and I think its super sweet and makes me want to cry because I’m so full of myself and envious.

Anyway, I’m just a pathetic; single, jealous, loveless human being who wants to wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day! Remember to spread the love – When you have more than 5 bars of chocolate or excess number of tickets to Prague hit me up. I don’t mind joining you (third wheeling is one of my hobbies).

Over To You…
How do you plan on spending your valentine’s day?
Till Next Time,Bye!!!
Jade J ☺


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